C-Mold 99.1

Date of last revision: 1/28/1999

C-Mold is an analysis and modeling program to study plastic molding processes.

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C-Mold is available on HP Unix workstations only. The software also supports SGI workstations; please let us know if you would like the SGI version of the software installed as well.


C-Mold uses standard setup scripts. The application name is "cmold" and this version is "cmold991" (See "helpme setup" for instructions.)





C-Mold will print to a postscript file. You may then print this file to the laser printers following the normal instructions in "helpme printing-unix." Make sure and submit the print requests to the queue laser by typing lp -dlaser <filename>.


If you are viewing this from a Unix workstation in the Design Center, you can click here to view C-Mold Online Documentation.

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