Date of last revision: 11/18/1999

Note: Our machines are on the Internet. If at all possible, do not dial into the system and instead 'telnet' in from somewhere else. See "helpme telnet-in" for more information.


The modems that are used to dial in are not operated by the School of Engineering -- they are operated by the Academic Computing Center (ACC). You must follow their rules and regulations for modem usage. They do not support using their modems to dial into the Unix workstations. Since they are not our modems, we can not offer support for their use. In other words, you dial into the Unix workstations at your own risk. This inforamtion is provided simply for those who need to do so.

For the most current information on dialin access, please see That page is maintained by ACC and is likely to reflect changes to dialin access sooner than this Helpme file.

There is no support for SLIP/PPP connections. The ACC is working on setting up an agreement with an Internet Service Profider (ISP) to provide these services to students at a discounted price.

It is not possible to do anything that requires graphics from dialin (e.g. executing X11 programs), but it is possible to do programming, compiling, and editing provided it can be done in a vt100-compatible terminal.

To access the system, dial 551-1679 with the following settings on your terminal program: 8 Start Bits, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity, VT-100 Terminal Emulation. Currently, their modems support up to 28.8K speeds, plus compression.

If no prompt comes up when you connect, press return a couple of times. The terminal server will respond. It will then ask you for a host. Enter any valid name as listed in "helpme hostnames" (Warning: It is necessary to use the fully-qualified hostname including "" from anywhere on campus, including dialin.);

If this does not work (sometimes, it won't, especially when the ACC is working the bugs out of the terminal server configuration) you may get an "access denied" message. If this happens, you will have to login thru SCUACC. Once you are in, you can "telnet" in as described above. If you need an account on SCUACC, please go to the ACC Computing Labs (Kenna 101 or 2nd Floor Orradre Library) for information on how to do this.

Once you get on (however you manage to get on), you may need to set up a few things to make the system so you can use it. To set up the backspace character properly, type the following:

stty erase <char>

where <char> is the character you wish to use for backspacing. The default backspace character is ctrl-h.

To use VT100 emulation, type the following 2 lines from Bourne or Korn Shell (if you do not know what your shell is, it is most likely Bourne shell):

export TERM

From C Shell or Turbo C Shell, type the following:

setenv TERM vt100

Remember: If you have problems dialing into our systems, we cannot support you. You're on your own.
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