Elm 2.5.3

Date of last revision: 5/16/2000

Elm is a screen-oriented mail facility consisting not only of mail reading utilitied, but other mail-related utilities that are useful.

This Helpme is for the elm program specifically. The other utilities are listed here for completeness. Advanced users may find these tools extremely useful and are encouraged to see the man pages on these utilities for more information.

Elm 2.5.3 help index:


Running Elm 2.5.3

To read or send mail, type elm.

If this is the first time you have executed elm, you will get the following question:

This version of ELM requires the use of a .elm directory in your home
directory to store your elmrc and alias files. Shall I create the
directory .elm for you and set it up (y/n/q)?

Answer 'Y' to this question. You may also get asked:

ELM requires the use of a folders directory to store your mail folders in.
Shall I create the directory /home/username/Mail for you (y/n/q)? 

(Note, the path will be different for each user, but it should be in your home directory).

Answer 'Y' to this question as well.

You will then be presented with a three-line menu screen and a list of any new mail messages you might have. You can use the arrow keys to move between messages. Pushing return will read the currently highlighted message.

Online help is available by pushing '?' at any prompt. Available options will be explained.


To print a message, select that message and hit the 'p' key.


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