Date of last revision: 9/29/2003

All Design Center Unix accounts offer full internet e-mail access.

E-mail help index:

General Information

The e-mail address for students is

and for faculty, you have both

and an address in your department's domain.

Please note that the Design Center mail system is completely separate from the campus-wide Groupwise mail system. Your Groupwise address is and may have a different username than your Design Center account.

Available Software

In addition, Groupwise access is available on HP Unix workstations and through the web.

Note: In addition to the software listed above, most systems also have built-in mail readers, such as DtMail, mail, or mailx. These are typically less user-friendly, less powerful, or only available on a few operating systems.

Mail Access from Windows NT

Direct e-mail access is not available from the Windows NT systems, but applications like Netscape Communicator which include mail clients may be configured to access your e-mail. Follow the remote access instructions below.

Sending and Receiving Files

Sending files used to be a complicated process that required you to perform special encoding on your files. With the latest versions of the mail readers, however, attaching files to a mail message is offered as an option as you write your message (in elm, it is an option when confirming that you want to send your message). You can also use the sendto program in metamail to send files.

Our recommended mail readers should all be capable of handling incoming files without any special configuration, either on their own or through the use of metamail. If they are not sure how to handle the type of file you have received (such as a MS Word document received on a Unix system), you will be given the option to save the file to disk.

Mail Forwarding and Filtering

Warning: If you make a mistake when setting up forwarding and/or filtering, it is very easy to end up with all of your incoming mail getting lost forever. It is very important to test your setup. We have seen too many people complain that they aren't getting any mail, only to find that they set something up wrong a week or two earlier.

If you simply want to direct all of your mail to a different address, create a file in your home directory named .forward (note that the filename begins with a period) and put the address in that file.

If you want to set up an automatic reply to your e-mail while you are on vacation, see the man page for vacation.

Advanced mail processing, such as automatically sorting mail to different folders or deleting unwanted messages, can be accomplished with the Procmail program. Note that this software requires you to create a configuration file which is usually complex and hard to read--please be very careful if you decide to try it.

Forwarding Groupwise Mail

It is not possible to have your Groupwise e-mail directed to your Design Center account.

However, Groupwise does support a more limited type of mail forwarding. What Groupwise can do is send a copy of your mail from your Groupwise account to another address. Note that this means that there will still be a copy of the mail in your Groupwise account and your forwarded mail will appear to come from yourself instead of the original sender.

  1. In Groupwise, choose Tools -> Rules from the menu bar.
  2. Create a new rule.
  3. The fields you should set up are
  4. Then click on Add -> Forward in the Edit Rule window. A new window will pop up.

Remote Access

You can send and receive mail using your Design Center account from your home or office if you have mail software that supports it.

Please see "helpme imap" for information on retrieving your mail using either the POP or IMAP protocols.

Sending mail is a little more complicated. Our outgoing (SMTP) mail server is, but it will not automatically accept your mail. There is no built-in password-checking in the mail server, so the records of the POP/IMAP servers are used instead. This means that you must first check your mail through POP or IMAP before you can send mail. It is not necessary to have any new mail; all you need to do is check. Your system will be allowed to send mail for sixty minutes, after which you must re-authenticate yourself.

We realize that this is inconvenient. However, we have had problems in the past when we allowed mail "relaying" and it even led to the Design Center being added to a list of sites whose mail is rejected by some systems. Our alternative to the POP-based system is to completely refuse to let you send mail remotely.

Note: Some software (Netscape 4.7 on Windows 95 using IMAP is known to be one example) will keep a connection to the server open after the first time you check your mail, so you will not be re-authenticated next time you check your mail. If you use software with this problem, you will have to exit and restart the program after your hour has passed.

Mailing Lists

At this time, group mailing lists are only created for student organizations or when requested by a professor for a particular class. We offer lists either user-maintained or automatically managed by Majordomo.


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