GNU Utilities

Date of last revision: 6/11/2001

Some of this information is taken directly from the GNU Project Home Page.

The GNU Project started in 1984 to develop a complete free Unix-like operating system. Linux-based variants of the GNU system are already widely used; these are often called ``Linux systems''. The first test release of ``the'' GNU system, using the GNU kernel, was made in August 1996.

Many people consider much of the GNU software to be superior to versions shipped with various operating systems or available from commercial vendors. It should be noted, however, that GNU software has no warranty of any kind. If you choose to use these tools, you do so at your own risk.


GNU software normally requires no preparation. However, if you would like to have the GNU commands with the same name as system commands used by default, you can use the standard setup script "gnu-default" (See "helpme setup" for instructions.) to accomplish this.

Each GNU package can be individually set up in this same way. Unless noted otherwise below, use <name>-<version> as the application name in your setup command.

Available Software

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Application Version Description Notes
binutils 2.11 Various utilities Not all utilities available on all platforms. Click here for a list.
bison 1.28 Replacement for yacc
findutils 4.1 Search for files Installed as gfind
flex 2.5.4a Replacement for lex
gawk 3.0.4 Replacement for awk
gdb 4.18 Debugger
gettext 0.10.37 Multilingual code support
ggrep 2.4.2 Search files for patterns
gmake 3.79.1 Replacement for make
groff 1.17 Replacement for nroff Not available on hpux, irix
gzip 1.2.4a Compress files
less 3.58 Replacement for more Application name is less-358
sed 3.02 Stream editor
texinfo 4.0 Generate/view GNU info files
Although not installed with the rest of the GNU utilites, the gcc family of compilers are also GNU software, as are some of the miscellaneous utilities.


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