Groupwise 5.1/5.2

Date of last revision: 1/26/1997

Groupwise is the new campus mail system.

Groupwise help index:


Groupwise is currently only available for the HP-UX systems, any other system may access it via the WWW at


The software is located on the HP-UX Task bar under the Mail submenu. To access it click on the up-arrow just above the mail icon, and then click on the "Novell Groupwise" icon.


Please be aware that this software is still in the testing phase but is being pushed as the ONLY standard on-campus mail. Feel free to use it and please send mail to root if you experience any problems. Being a new technology it has had some problems in the past relating to mass-emails and significant delays when sending/receiving mail. These problems are not related to the Design Center equipment/software/installation and are not our problem. If you do experience any of these problems send mail to "".