Date of last revision: 10/7/2006

This file contains a brief description of hardware available in the Design Center.

Hardware categories:

Unix System


Network Storage


Windows System




Information about printers can be found in the Helpme file printing-queues



The Design Center is wired with a Category 5 wire plant. There is at least one CAT5 jack for each workstation with all paths terminating at the patch panel in the server room. Each workstation in the Design Center has a dedicated switched ethernet port. Fiber-optic cabling connects the Design Center and the Mechanical Engineering building to other Engineering facilities and the campus backbone.


The network core of the Design Center is an Extreme Networks Summit 5i network switch.  It is a gigabit ethernet switch that provides gigabit feeds to Summit 48si switches in the Design Center and the other Engineering buildings as well as the campus backbone. The switch also supports gigabit ethernet connections to the primary Design Center / Engineering servers. The Design Center currently has over 200 switched ethernet connections.

Other Hardware

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