The SCUDC 'Helpme' System

Date of last revision: 2/26/1998

'Helpme' is the on-line help system for the Design Center. It contains information on how to use all major applications, as well as general information about the Design Center systems. Nearly all information you need can be found in Helpme, so it is a good starting place if you have questions.

Helpme files are written in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and contain hypertext links to other relevant helpme and man pages.


None required.


Helpme can be accessed in several ways:
  1. Xhelpme

    The best way to access the helpme system is through the X-Windows based "xhelpme" command. Because xhelpme is an X-Windows application, it will not work if you are logged in from a remote location. The easiest way to start xhelpme is to select Xhelpme on the first screen that comes up when you log in at a terminal.

    Once you have logged in, xhelpme is also available on the front panel at the bottom of your screen. Click on the arrow (triangle) above the icon with the picture of books, and choose "Xhelpme" from the menu that appears.

    In addition, you can type

    xhelpme [<topic>]

    at the command prompt if you prefer. If you do not specify a topic, the main helpme menu will appear. A list of valid topics can be found with the command xhelpme topics.

  2. Helpme

    If you are logged in from a remote computer, you can use the text-only interface by typing

    helpme [-text] [<topic>]

    at the command prompt. If possible, Lynx will be used to display the helpme files. If Lynx will not work on the current display, the plain text of the files will be displayed using more (or the program specified in the PAGER environment variable, if set).

    The -text flag forces the use of more instead of Lynx, and can be used if Lynx does not display correctly.

  3. World Wide Web (WWW)

    Helpme is available on the World Wide Web at


It is against Design Center policy to print out on-line documentation.


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