Date of last revision: 8/9/2000

Note: We are currently in the middle of a transition to a new naming and numbering scheme. We strongly recommend that you use the special names listed below rather than individual workstation names whenever possible.

This document describes how Design Center machine network names (hostnames) are chosen, and lists available hostnames.


Naming Conventions

Most hostnames in the Design Center are a combination of an abbreviation for the item type and the network address. The domain name for the Design Center is

Most equipment has an Internet Protocol (IP) address in the range of through, with the last portion of the address used in the hostname. This network address will be represented as "**" in the sections that follow.

Special Hostnames

In addition to the official hostnames, several aliases have been set up to provide stable names for functions even as the machines that perform those functions change.

Names for logging in remotely.

You can telnet or rlogin to any of these names instead of using a complete hostname.

Names for special servers.

Servers for well-known services have been assigned aliases based on those services.

Current Workstation Hostnames

Note: This information often isn't updated every time systems are changed. For this reason, it is recommended that you use the special names listed above whenever possible.

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