SDRC I-deas 6.0

Date of last revision: 6/30/2000

Ideas is a three dimensional drawing and design package.

Ideas help index:


Ideas is available on all HP workstation.

Note: This is a change--Ideas is no longer supported on SGI workstations, but it is available on the workstations in room 306.


Ideas 6.0 uses standard setup scripts. The application name is "ideas" and this version is "ideas-6.0" (See "helpme setup" for instructions.)

The first time you run Ideas, you may be prompted to enter your terminal type. The correct type is "X3D" (without the quotation marks).




To bring up the documentation for ideas (i.e. Smart View), type:

ideas -s


Printing and Plotting withing Ideas is different, depending on what section of the package you are in. - You must consult the Manuals to determine how to print/plot from the specific Ideas Package you are in. (Clicking on any 'help' button will bring up Smart View, the online documentation browser.)


We now have some updated printed documentation available for checkout from the Lab Monitor, including the Ideas Student Guide. However, we highly recommend consulting SmartView for detailed questions as SmartView contains all Id eas documentation and allows for easy searching.

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