Ispell 3.1.20

Date of last revision: 11/11/1997

Ispell is an interactive spelling checker developed by GNU. Not only does it tell you that the word is spelled wrong, but it will suggest alternates. Ispell supports 'personal' dictionaries for each user. Some packages (elm, emacs) support ispell directly.

Since ispell requires a cursor-addressable terminal, it may not work properly from dialin if your terminal is not set properly.

Ispell help index:


Ispell is available on all Unix platforms.


Ispell is part of the Miscellaneous Utilities, which are normally available automatically.



ispell [ <filename> ]

Ispell can be invoked directly from some packages (see below).


Emacs, lemacs, and elm are packages that directly support ispell. From Emacs, you would invoke it with M-x ispell-buffer. Elm supports using ispell before sending a message.

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