Mentor Graphics v2001.2

Date of last revision: 04/01/2002

Mentor Graphics v2004.3 help index:


Mentor Graphics v2004.3 can be used on both Solaris and Linux machines in Engineering Design Center.


If you are using Mentor Graphic in daily routine, you may want to modify the following files accordingly to save you from doing setup each time you login to a system.

If you do not wish to modify anything, at Xterminal, type following commend each time before starting Mentor Graphics tools.


To run Mentor Graphics tools, you may start from "Design Manager" by executing:

This will then pop up a GUI window.

For more detail on how to run applications included in Mentor Graphics 2004.3, please refer to online documentation.


See 'Helpme mg-printing' for information about printing from Mentor Graphics. However, printing for mentor-2004.3 may work differently from previous versions. Please refer to documentation for more details on printing/plotting.


The packages included in previous versions of Mentor Graphic has been rearranged in v2004.3 some of the functions may have been eliminated or merged into some other packages. For more information about any specific function, please read the online documentation by typing the following command after setup mentorgraphic environment:

Acrobat Reader invokes, with the Mentor Graphics plugins loaded. This Reader features the MGC pull down menu and responds to online help requests from Mentor Graphics applications.

Followed is a brief information on how to use the pull down menu:

In addition to enabling topic-based online help and search index maintenance, the Mentor Graphics Acrobat plugins add a pulldown menu to the generic Acrobat Reader. This menu, named MGC, has the following items:

For more detailed information on how to use the MGC acroreader, please refer to mgc_acrobat_user.pdf in the directory:

This directory also contains all the documented pdf files.

To read a PDF file on Xterminal, type:


There are serveral tutorials available. These have been created by faculty and students to demonstrate the flow for VLSI design.

NOTE: Mentor Graphics tutorials are only available through a web browser like Netscape, these tutorials are not available through 'helpme'.


Santa Clara University is part of the Mentor Graphics Higher Educatin Program.

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