Metamail 2.7

Date of last revision: 11/17/1998

Metamail is a program that allows processing of MIME-encoded (Multipurpose Internet Multimedia Extension) mail messages to be viewed and sent.

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Metamail is available on HP, DEC, and Sun Unix workstations.



Reading mail

Mail programs such as elm will invoke metamail automatically.

Sending mail

To send MIME mail, use the mailto command. Enter the address to send the mail to and the subject when prompted, and you should be left with a blank line to enter your message on. When you are done, press Control-D on a new line to send the message.

If you wish to include file(s) with your message, type ~* on a new line in your message and select option 0 (raw mode) from the menu that appears. Enter the name of your file. You should see the message (continue) and be returned to a blank line to continue your message.


Most of the commom MIME-types are supported within metamail, including sound formats (but will only work on systems with audio). Please send email to root if a type is not available.

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