Miscellaneous Utilities

Date of last revision: 7/20/1999

These are assorted public domain programs we've downloaded from the internet and made available. Warning: Use these programs and libraries at your own risk.

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All preparation should be done automatically when you log in. If for some reason it is not, you can perform the setup manually using the standard setup actions for "misc"

Available Software

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Application Version Description Platforms Notes
cgrep N/A Context grep Any with perl
date_parse 1.4 Date parsing utilities hpux, irix, osf
db 2.7.5 Embeddable database system hpux, osf, sol HTML documentation in /opt/misc/<OS>/docs/db-2.7.5
dmon 1.7.0 System status monitoring tool hpux
enscript 1.5.0 Ascii-to-PostScript conversion hpux, rix, osf, sol
ghostscript 4.03 PostScript viewer hpux, irix, osf, sol
ghostview 1.5 PostScript viewer hpux, irix, osf, sol
giftrans 1.11.1 GIF image manipulation hpux, irix, osf
gnuplot 3.5 2D and 3D plotting hpux, sol
hp2xx 3.2.0 Convert HPGL files to other formats hpux, irix, osf
ispell 3.1.20 Spelling checker hpux, irix, osf See "helpme ispell"
lsof 4.44 LiSt Open Files hpux, sol
4.15 irix, osf
man2html 2.1.0 Convert man pages to HTML hpux, irix, osf
mpeg_play 2.3 MPEG player hpux, irix, osf, sol
nxftp 3.1a Graphical interface to ftp hpux, osf
pixmap 2.6 Pixmap editor hpux
plan 1.4 Appointment scheduler hpux, irix, osf See below
popclient 2.21 POP mail client hpux, osf
pstotext 1.7 Extract text from PostScript or PDF file hpux, hpux, osf, sol
psutils 2.2 PostScript file manipulation utilities hpux, irix, osf, sol See below
rman 3.0a3 Man page format converter hpux, irix, osf, sol
rtftohtml 2.7.5 Convert RTF files to HTML hpux, irix, sol
screen 3.7.4 Allow multiple screens on one terminal hpux, irix, osf In osf, you must first run chmod u+rw `tty`
sox 10.0 Sound file converter hpux, irix, osf
strobe 1.02 Network probe hpux, irix, osf, sol
tkman 1.7.5 Graphical man page viewer hpux, irix, osf, sol
top 3.5 b9 Monitor system CPU usage hpux, sol Vendor-supplied version is available on irix
3.4 osf
unzip 5.32 PKZip-compatible uncompression tool hpux, irix, osf, sol
xanim 2.7.3 Animation player hpux, irix, osf
xcoral 3.1 X text editor hpux
xdtree 2.2 Graphical view of directory structure hpux, irix
xfig 3.2 Drawing tool hpux, irix, osf, sol
xgrabsc 2.4b Screen capture tool hpux, irix
xhpgl 2.0 HPGL file viewer hpux
xless 1.7 X version of less hpux, irix, osf, sol
xmessage 9408 Display text in window hpux, irix, osf, sol
xmodem 3.9 File transfer tool hpux, osf See "helpme file-transfer"
xpaint 2.4.9 Drawing tool hpux, irix, osf
xpm 3.4j X pixmap libraries hpux, irix, osf See below
zip 2.1 PKZip-compatible compression tool hpux, irix, osf, sol
zmodem 1.26 File transfer tool hpux, irix, osf See "helpme file-transfer"


The plan daemon can be launched at login on HP machines by adding the lines
if [ -x /opt/misc/hpux/lib/plan/pland ]; then
  /opt/misc/hpux/lib/plan/pland -k

to your .dtprofile file.


Available commands are:

The most useful of these commands is probably psnup, which allows you to print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper.


To use libraries, you must specify the compiler option


and the linker option


so that the compiler and linker can find the header and library files it needs. The OS in these options should be replaced with the output of the command /usr/local/sbin/os.type -os ("hpux" for HP Unix workstations)

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