Date of last revision: 1/23/1999

MPower//Web is a collection of multimedia tools from HP for their Unix workstations.

MPower//Web help index:


MPower//Web is available on HP workstations in the main lab area, although some tools may not work on all workstations (for example, tools involving audio). MPower//Web is not available on the machines in room 306.


If you are viewing this page through Netscape on one of the HP workstations, you may be able to access MPower//Web through this link.

It is also possible to run the tools outside a web browser. Follow the link above for a list of tools and descriptions. If you are logged in through a CDE session, you can click on the Applications button on the front panel (the drawer with the calculator and pencil in it) and select MPower from the list of applications that pops up.

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