Perl 5.005 patch 02

Date of last revision: 5/10/2001

Perl is the Practical Extraction and Report Language.

Perl help index:


Perl is available on all Unix workstations



No preparation is needed to run the Perl interpreter. However, to access the man pages or run other commands distributed with Perl does require a setup step.

Perl uses standard setup scripts. The application name is "perl" and this version is "perl-5.005_02" (See "helpme setup" for instructions.)


The first line of a perl script should be


The system will recognize this syntax and call Perl to run your script.

If you are using Perl for CGI programming on the student web page server, your file names must end with .pl or .cgi to be recognized by the web server.


The following additional modules have been installed on all systems unless noted otherwise:

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