Printing Quotas

Date of last revision: 10/11/2000

The Design Center enforces limits on the number of pages each user can print. We have been forced to do this because the popularity of the World Wide Web caused our printing usage to more than quadruple in a two-year period, much of it not class-related.

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Printing Usage Limits

Limits are per academic quarter and are not cumulative. Limits are for the Unix and Windows NT systems combined. An "active student" is anyone who has taken a class within the last year.

Note: Printing quotas have been adjusted for the 2000-2001 school year because we no longer have a text-only printer.

Checking Your Print Quota

You can check your current printer usage with the command printquota on any Unix workstation. There is currently no way to check your print quota from Windows NT.

Quota Increases

We have tried to set the limits so that they will not interfere with normal classwork. If you need to print more than your quota allows, please send e-mail to explaining how much you need and why. We reserve the right to monitor your printer usage to verify that the printer is being used for academic purposes.

Tips To Cut Down Your Printer Usage


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