Procmail 3.22

Date of last revision: 1/25/2007

Procmail is a mail filtering program.

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To have your incoming mail processed by Procmail, you will have to create a .procmailrc file in your home directory, and you will have to create a file named .forward with the following line in it:

"|IFS=' '&&exec /usr/local/bin/procmail -f-||exit 75 # username"

replacing username with your own username.

Running Procmail 3.22

If you set up a .procmailrc and .forward as described above, your incoming mail will automatically be processed by Procmail.

You can also run Procmail on an existing mail file. See the man page for instructions.

Known Bugs

This is the KNOWN_BUGS file included with the Procmail software.

non-MH mail directories depend on files not changing inode number
    Messages are stored in non-MH mail directories with a name based
    on the inode number of the file containing the message.  If such a
    directory is copied to a different location or restored from tape,
    inode number may change, introducing the possibility of messages
    being overwritten.

SENDMAILFLAGS variable is treated as a single argument to sendmail
    The assignment SENDMAILFLAGS="-oi -odd" doesn't work as expected
    as procmail will pass it to sendmail as one argument.

TIMEOUT doesn't always work
    If a shell is invoked then procmail may wait while executing a
    command for longer than TIMEOUT specifies.

Variable capture actions overwrite before executing
    Variable capture actions clear the value of the variable being
    captured before the action is executed, thus causing the following
    action, for example, to not work as desired:
	variable=|echo "$variable" | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'

regexp matching bug
    Some regexps may return an incorrect value in the MATCH variable,
    in particular when 'redundant' * or + operators appear on the left-
    hand side of the \/ token.


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