Date of last revision: 8/18/1998

In order to remotely log in from another system, you will need either an IP address or a fully qualified hostname.

Check "helpme hostnames" for a list of valid hostnames. If you are having problems using hostnames, you can try IP addresses, which are given in the same Helpme file.

If the machine you telnet from is capable of X Windows, then provided you set up the local and remote systems properly, it is possible to run and display X Windows programs on your local console. Your system must be directly connected to the Internet for this to work, however (ie, you must be able to telnet directly from your machine to ours -- if you go through a firewall, you won't be able to).

Our system supports HP and VT100 terminal emulation. The window or terminal that you use to login must be capable of supporting either emulation for this to work properly with any screen-oriented editors (eg vi, emacs) or Turbo C-Shell.

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