XEmacs 21.1.9

Date of last revision: 05/12/2000

XEmacs is a graphical text editor derived from Emacs. Although Emacs will run in a graphical mode, XEmacs is designed primarily for a graphical environment and offers a more advanced interface.

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XEmacs 21.1.9 uses standard setup scripts. You must type

setup xemacs

to use this application. If you want to run this version of the software even if other versions are available, use xemacs-21.1.9 instead of xemacs in your setup statement.

See "helpme setup" for information on finding out what versions are available or what to do if the setup statement does not work.

Running XEmacs 21.1.9


xemacs [filename]


By default, XEmacs will use the system default printer ("text" at this time).

You can specify a different printer from Options->Printing Options->Command-Line Switches. Click [INS] with the middle mouse button to get an "Argument:" section and enter the option to select the printer in the small box to its right. Finally, click the Set button.

Warning: The File menu has both Print and Pretty-Print options. Pretty-Print generates PostScript output, so be sure you are using a printer that supports PostScript.

Known Bugs

When you first open a file, you may see key-mapping warnings. We have not been able to trace the source of this problem, but it does not appear to interfere with the operationg of XEmacs.

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