XV 3.10

Date of last revision: 12/14/1998

XV is a program to view, modify, and change formats of images.

xv help index:


XV is available on all HP, DEC, and SGI Unix workstations.


The xv command itself is available without setup, but to use any other utilities or view the man pages, you must perform a setup step.

XV uses standard setup scripts. The application name is "xv" and this version is "xv-3.10" (See "helpme setup" for instructions.)



xv [ <filename> ]

If you do not specify a filename, you will have to click the title screen with the right mouse button to get main screen.


Click on the print button on the main screen, enter a valid print command for a PostScript printer, and click on the Color button. You should generally use the Color button even with black-and-white printers, because it usually produces a clearer image.


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