Date of last revision: 7/26/1992

If you are on a non-Xterminal (see "helpme hardware"), at the login screen, you should be able to select "No Windows" from the "Options" menu. If the "No Windows" option is unavailable, you are on a 700RX X Terminal. See below if you need to run mwm from a 700RX X Terminal.

Log in from the "text" screen after you select "No Windows". From your Unix prompt, type


Provided that you have not modified (or created) an .x11start file (located in your home directory), the Motif windowing manager will come up.

The "default" files are located in /usr/lib/X11 under various subdirectories. /usr/lib/X11/sys.x11start is the default file that is executed if you do not have a .x11start file in your home directory. You should copy sys.x11start to your home directory and modify it to suit your tastes:

cp /usr/lib/X11/sys.x11start $HOME/.x11start

If you plan to extensively use the Motif Windowing Manager and you wish to do some menu customization, you should make a copy of the copy system.mwmrc to .mwmrc in your root directory. This file contains various resource defaults for Motif and should be modified to suit your tastes. To do this, type the following:

cp /usr/lib/X11/system.mwmrc $HOME/.mwmrc

An alternative to the Motif Windowing Manger is the HP Vue Windowing Manager (vuewm). HP Vue is similar to what is run on the 700 series by default. If you wish to use this windowing manager instead of mwm, replace "mwm" with "vuewm" in your .x11start file.

To exit mwm, Press (all together) Ctrl-Shift-Reset. If this does not cause it to exit right away, wait. You could cause a problem if you hit Ctrl-Shift-Reset more than once.

Running mwm from a 700RX X Terminal

If you're attempting to run mwm from a 700RX X Terminal, you need to select "FailSafe Session" from the "Options" menu. Log in as normal. The screen will be grey and a windowing manager similar to mwm will come up with an hpterm window. Do not log out of this first window or you will be logged off of the system.

NOTE: your .x11start file is *not* executed. However, mwm will read your .mwmrc file.

To logoff, either exit the first window *or* logout as shown above.

For more information about using X Windows, check "helpme xwindows-apps."

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